Derrick J

He has captivated and enthralled the respective audiences by his graciousness, gregariousness, zealousness, warmth, and burning passion as a performer and most of all his rich, powerful yet meticulous vocal ability which has been likened to be one of the best in ballads! All thanks to his perfect and silky deliverance of high notes and accentuated melodiousness. He has performed overseas in a chain of 5-star hotels such as Hilton, Oberoi, and Ramada to name a few. However, in November 2011, his natural brilliance weaved the path to phenomenal success when he was booked to perform at the Las Vegas Hilton. In 2018, he has also performed on the Royal Caribbean's “Oasis of the Sea”, one of the largest Cruise Ships in the world. Thanks to the "digital magic" of YouTube, with over 200 TV clips, totaling half a million hits, secured this contract for him — a pinnacle of every entertainer's dream. Romance serves as the absolute core of DERRICK J.'s music, idiosyncratic style & lasting success. He is well renowned to choose songs with the evergreen and eternal themes of love and longing that lovers want to embrace. Whether he sings a sweeping exultation of happiness or a melancholic lament of love lost, the "King of Romance" pours his honeyed, mellow voice over each note, coating it with the similar and profound passion as a suitor imploring his lover for one more moment of bliss. His musical debut in 1974 on "New Faces" with Bert Newton, earned him Berts Encouragement Award, which was the opening to his very successful career as an entertainer in Australia. For over 15 years he appeared as a regular artiste on many TV shows. His first DVD titled "Never Give Up" summarizes his musical career which include appearances on "Good Morning Australia" with Bert Newton ~ Ch.10, "In Melbourne Today?" with Ernie & Denise ~ Ch. 9, @quot Denise " ~ Ch.7, "At Home" with John Mangos ~ Ch.7, "Till Ten" with Joan Mcggines ~ Ch.10, "Penthouse Club" ~ Ch.7, "Midday Show" with Ray Martin ~ Ch.9, "Cabaret" ~ SBS, "Christmas Concert" with Human Nature at Twin Towns which was televised on Sky Ch. and clips from the Hilton Hotel concert. His second DVD, released this year, titled "Derrick J. Live in Concert at BMICH" is a live recording of his performance to a full house, accompanied by two award-winning female Australian performers. The mesmerized audience witnessed 3 hours of Derrick J's unparalleled charm and otherworldly talent which inevitably echoed as an outstanding performance by a great artiste. He performed some of his finest love songs to an appreciative audience who wanted more. In addition to these 2 DVD's Derrick J, has released 8 albums of which 2 went gold. His latest Gospel album titled "You'll Never Walk Alone", is now sold at all WORD book stores nationally. His music is of international standard with the backing and patronage of great musicians from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the ABC show band and Channel 9 band, with backup singers Patchwork from the Don Lane Show, Linda George, Penny Dyer to name a few. Derrick J's many and multifarious talents broaden into acting where he has played numerous roles in "Neighbours", "Kath & Kim", "Newly Weds", "We Can Be Hero's" "Gross Misconduct" (with Jimmy Smits), "Sensing Murder", and many more. He has also featured in numerous commercials for Heinz, Fox FM, Aust Post and others, and had a lead role on the FOMO commercial as Dr. Chandra Paul.

In addition to this, a documentary featuring Derrick J was produced by Ch. 7 on a show called the "Times" titled "King of Shopping Centres" detailing his musical success and popularity in Australia. Presently he works as a Recording Producer and produces albums for young, up and coming artistes giving them advice on musical direction and promotion which he continues to do up till now. He also performs at various Hotels, Tatts and Tabaret Venues doing a one hour show called "Morning Melodies". These one-hour shows are booked to capacity during the day to audiences who travel from all over Victoria, Australia and worldwide, thoroughly enjoying Derrick's show and of course wanting more. He is also heavily booked out for public, exclusively private events and functions during the week and weekends. Derrick J's music has been televised on all country TV stations Morning shows — Southern Cross Network in Bendigo, Ballarat, and Shepparton. He is now a host on the award-winning "Sri Lanka Morning Show" on Ch. 31 every Sunday between 10-11a.m. He has received many awards for organising charitable events especially for the Lions Club and for many overseas disasters, flood relief, cataract operations and other charities, where he has raised thousands of dollars

"The Golden Voice" and "The Crooner"

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